Resolute Polar

A ruggedized version of the Resolute, to extend the temperature range and conditions the Resolute can operate in.

With built in micro heaters, an IP67 rating and Iridium telemetry built in as standard, the Resolute Polar is built to withstand the harshest conditions or the Polar region. The low power of the Resolute and built in embedded data handling algorithms ensure the Resolute survives the dark and cold days of the polar winter.

Key Features: 
  • L1, L2, L5, All constellations
  • Less than 1.2 Watts Typical
  • Included Iridium RUDICS and SBD
  • Compressed Data Formats
  • -55° C to +60° C
  • 1 x 8 GB and 1 x 4 GB SLC microSD Cards
  • Small 6”x 6”x 3” Form Factor
  • Ethernet Interface
  • Compatible with XeosOnline™ Tunnel

Antenna & Telemetry Options


The ubiquity of cellular networks around the world and relatively low cost of data make cellular the perfect option to autonomously collect data from the field.

Cell Antenna

GNSS Antenna

The Resolute has built in antenna calibrations for all of the over 500 Antennas in the NGS antenna calibration program.

GNSS Antenna


For remote regions or when it just has to work Iridium is the solution to collecting your data. The Resolute includes optional RUDICS or SBD two way communication and control.