North Star

Expand the capabilities of your RTK network over geographical obstructions, extending the range of the Resolute-Pin RTK Base.

The NorthStar is a unique radio repeater designed to work an RTK corrections link for the Resolute system. The NorthStar allows a wider area of measurement points rebroadcasting RTK corrections, while optionally receiving incoming data for serial output to a local server, automating data collection while saving data transmission costs.

Key Features: 
  • RTK Correction Repeater
  • Less than 1.0 Watt Typical
  • Dual 900Mhz Radios
  • Small 6”x 6”x 3” Form Factor
  • 28 Rovers per NorthStar

Antenna & Telemetry Options

900Mhz radio

For local networks, the 900 MHz Radio can transmit corrections and collect data, reducing your monthly overhead costs.