North Star

Expand the capabilities of your RTK network over geographical obstructions, extending the range of the Resolute-Pin RTK Base.

The NorthStar is a unique radio repeater designed to work an RTK corrections link for the Resolute system. The NorthStar allows a wider area of measurement points rebroadcasting RTK corrections, while optionally receiving incoming data for serial output to a local server, automating data collection while saving data transmission costs.

Key Features: 
  • RTK Correction Repeater
  • Less than 1.0 Watt Typical
  • Dual 900Mhz Radios
  • Small 6”x 6”x 3” Form Factor
  • 28 Rovers per NorthStar

Antenna & Telemetry Options


The ubiquity of cellular networks around the world and relatively low cost of data make cellular the perfect option to autonomously collect data from the field.

Cell Antenna

GNSS Antenna

The Resolute has built in antenna calibrations for all of the over 500 Antennas in the NGS antenna calibration program.

GNSS Antenna

900Mhz radio

For local networks, the 900 MHz Radio can transmit corrections and collect data, reducing your monthly overhead costs.

900mhz Radio


For remote regions or when it just has to work Iridium is the solution to collecting your data. The Resolute includes optional RUDICS or SBD two way communication and control.